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The beef cattle breeding farm is located near the stall known as Ferma 8, near Teremia Mica. The stables currently counts 1,200 heads as follows 10 bulls for breeding genetics, 600 cows, 360 heifers and 230 calves.


The calves reached the weight of 250-300 kg, some are exported to Italy to complete the fattening at Immobiliare Dante Società Agricola Spa, another production company of the group located in the province of Ferrara. In this way can create a closed chain, from the birth of the calf to the slaughter, fully traceable and as regards the origin of the animals and to the quality of the foods used, with maximum guarantee of the final product.


The stables of Gai are dedicated to breeding cattle and meat count currently 100 heads 30 cows and 70 calves.


The Limousine, in breeding, guarantees a high quality meat with a low fat, this is due to food (mainly of forage, products and by-products company) is a thorough control of those responsible for the stable and veterinarians enabled.


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