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In regard to the land, Emiliana works a total area of about 12.000 hectares distributed in the Municipalities of Dudestii Vechi, Valcani, Beba Veche and Teremia, about 3.400 hectares of these lands are used for organic production.
The nature of the land, distributed in 4 municipalities and within a range of 30 km, varies considerably from the clayish soil of the “Cociohat” area (municipality of Dudestii Vechi), to medium soil and sandy-muddy soil of the Valcani area.
All soil types have a high content of organic material (on average 3-4%), conforming the basic high fertility of the land in the area. The different nature of the soils plays an important part in terms of diversification of crops. In this regard, the land of Cociohat is more suitable for autumnwinter cereals and sunflowers while in the soil of the Valcani area it is possible to include corn, beet, soy and in the future vegetable crops such as potatoes and onions.


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